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Karen Hintz

Last year, I experienced a facial for the first time. It was so amazing and much more than I expected it to be. I actually started going once a week for a couple of months. My skin became healthier than it had ever been since I've had breakouts my entire life. I also had environmental sensitivities that I was overcoming. The massage on my forehead and face very much helped with my sensitivities. Even though I liked the facials, I had a hard time finding someone I felt comfortable with. The last facial I had was with Kiara. She was so much better in every way than anyone else I had before. I could tell she loved her job and loved people. Kiara has such a kind spirit and is comfortable to be around. When I met her I was sold on never going to anyone else. I highly recommend Kiara and I'm so happy that she has her own business. I wish her the best and I hope that I can go to her for many more years!

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